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Thoughts Root Rising
Thoughts Root Rising
Hawthorn, slate
1.6 meters tall

This is my first creation in wood; I taught myself woodcarving creating it.

At the coldest point of winter, whilst creating 'Flow' (in the stone section) I pushed myself to an extreme in the cold.

One night, as a hard freeze set in, my mind sank deeper and deeper within itself. After several hours of trance-like carving, I seemed to get pulled back to reality, something felt wrong..

The next morning, I felt as though the skin had been peeled from all my senses, the world felt intense, sharp, painful.

As I adjusted to the strange, raw sensations I was experiencing, new images, new thoughts suddenly entered my mind.

I rushed to my studio and begun frantically carving a piece of seasoned hawthorn I'd had lying around for a while. Over the course of several months, the root of these thoughts arose, channelled through me into the medium of this branch.

I learnt much creating this, I learnt my place as an artist, I am a nexus.

An artist is like a lens, we have our own particular sensitivities to certain aspects of the experience of existence, we do not create from within, sensations flow through us, the medium captures something of the flow.